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We're different

We do customer collaboration experiences for HR and learning technology businesses, unlocking authentic insights, elevating your brand and helping your customers to accelerate their work.


What sets us apart is our ability to build trust, paving the way for real conversations to happen.

Your customers are your greatest asset

Your success depends on your customers’ ability to lead organizational change and actively engage as product owners. Let us help your customers succeed with a peer-based customer collaboration experience.


Empower your customers to accelerate complex transformation programs and increase product engagement.



Build connections between peers and be part of the customer conversation to nurture retention and minimize churn.

Be customer-first

Host customer-first collaboration experiences to understand their whole world and gain authentic insights.

The Work in Motion approach

What differentiates Work in Motion experiences is our ability to build trust. Our expert team brings:

  • Independent facilitation, so your customers don’t feel like they’re being sold to.

  • Industry credibility, with our in-depth knowledge of the learning technology space. 

  • Relatability, our expert facilitators have walked in the shoes of your customers.

  • Proven methodology, based on integral theory, mastermind methods and action learning.

  • Focussed conversations, built around specific challenges your customers face.

All of this creates a value exchange between you and your customers. Here's how 👇


Peer Connects

Peer Connects are one-off dialogues based on a specific theme. We invite participants to share experiences and offer ideas to fellow professionals in an energizing and productive environment. This can be offered in-person or online, or attached to a conference. 

Ways to work with us

Work In Motion Accelerators


Accelerators are peer collaboration experiences that invite senior leaders from your key accounts to accelerate a critical area of work over a 10-week period. Each member works towards their own goal, while harnessing the collective wisdom of the group. Maximum group size is 6. Virtual experience for your global audience.  

Customer Communities

Customer Communities are customer gatherings that build connection, networking and knowledge sharing practices. We can simply facilitate your regular community meet-ups or partner with you to run the end-to-end community experience including online forums, content, newsletters, speakers and events. 

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Our story

Having led large-scale transformation programs, including the global How We Work initiative at Twitter, Claire Doody knows what it’s like to grapple with the seemingly unsolvable. Work in Motion is born of that experience and Claire has an unwavering commitment to helping leaders make an impact and create a radically better future of work. 


Claire has worked on the vendor side and the customer side of the learning technology equation, and she views the opportunity to collaborate in this moment of change as immense. She has 20+ years' experience in learning tech, digital transformation and HR, regularly contributes at leading industry events and is a Certified Integral Facilitator. 


Full profile on LinkedIn.


VP, Customer Success
Skills Marketplace

Talk about adding value! Our customers love the Accelerator experience, we're improving product adoption and we've gained invaluable insights into our customers' top concerns so that we can better serve them. 

What people say 

Group Head L+D

Financial Services

I've shortened the learning curve on my skills strategy which is part of a  major modernization initiative. Claire held the space expertly,  my peers shared their knowledge with generosity and all-in-all I've been having an awesome time.

Director, Leadership Development
Global Manufacturing 

I found the experience deeply reassuring - nobody has quite got this issue figured out! I feel my capacity for holding complexity increased and I gained clarity about how to move forward.
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